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part of Alkosgroup Albania


Santa Wine is part of WORLDWINE SHPK and they both are part of a group of companies named Alkosgroup Albania. The oldest companies of the group are: ALKOS SHPK and SIGI SHPK, which are founded in 2003-2004. They are also the biggest in terms of volume from the companies of the group. The other companies of the group are: MEDICAL+ SHPK and WELL SHPK.

The five companies have a common participation on the majority of shareholders and also a common management. The market sectors where the companies of the group focus are:

  • ALKOS SHPK – marketing and distribution of cosmetic, personal and house hygiene products. Main partners: L’Oreal Group, Arix, Lucart, Equilibra, TZMO Poland;
  • SIGI SHPK – marketing and distribution of cosmetic, personal and house hygiene products, home care and decoration, professional cleaning and hygiene, horeca. Main partners: Sofidel Group, Sisma, Gosh Copenhagen, Dopla, Tescoma, Drina Plastika, Curver, Caleffi, Gabel, Spazzolificio Piave, Markwins, Reflexx;
  • MEDICAL + SHPK – distribution of medical disposables and devices. Main partners: Top Glove Malaysia, Sumbow China;
  • WELL SHPK – retail sector – drugstore chain. Well is a successful drugstore concept realized in Albania. It is a young project for the group and is still in expansion phase. In these days there are seven stores: five in Tirana, one in Durres and one in Elbasan.
  • WORLDWINE SHPK – marketing and distribution of selected wines; retail of wines, premium spirits, chocolates and confectionery, gift ideas and packs. Main partners: Santa Margherita, Santa Sofia, Bertani Domains, Pio Cesare, Tua Rita, Monte Verdi, Castello del Terricio, Castello Romitorio, Angelo Rocca & Figli, Duclot, Taittinger, Riedel – The wine glass company, Tomas Hine, Monnet, Vie de Romans, Mastroiani, Fiasconaro, Nino Franco Spumanti, Philippe Pacalet, Venchi, Mozart Reber, Hamlet, Pasticeria Filippi, Billaud Simon, Mahler Besse, Faiveley, La Fattoria di Parma, Attanasio Giuseppe, Ca del Bosco, Paolo Scavino, Pastiglie Leone, PGM Group, Poliziano, Tenuta di Bisserno, Alois lageder, Argentiera, Bibi Graetz, Bruro Paillard, Bruno Vespa, Casting 1925, Castellare di Castellina, Cordero, Duemani, Genagricola, Il Carnasciale, Il Marroneto, La Fabbrica del Panforte, La Fabbrica del la Pasta di Gragnano, Lis Fadis, Malandrone 1477, Mangiachebuono, Mastrojanni, Michele Satta, Minuty, Monteverro, Paolo Lazzaroni e Figli, Pasticceria Filippi, Podere le Ripi, Querciabella, Ruggeri, Taittinger CCVC, Tenuta Cavalier Pepe, Tenuta Sette Ponti, Tiri Srl, Vie de Romans, Vietti, Vini Frachetti,

The total group has employed more than 250 persons where more than 70% of them are working in the sales area. The main offices and warehouse are situated in Vora, Tirana, in the premises owned by SIGI SHPK.


The business of wines and spirits has started more than 11 years ago, when Arben and Sokol Xhabafti, brothers and co-owners of Santa Wine WORLDWINE SHPK, opened Santa Margherita store at Rruga Abdyl Frasheri Tirana, named after the wine house Santa Margherita in Italy. It started from the passion for wines but it resulted later in a very nice concept and a successful business. The owners are choosing their products and suppliers carefully, judging over the quality of goods, the trust on the brand, the perception they would have on the clientele as well as on the value for money. The management does not miss a fair related to the assortment of goods, bringing every year new ideas, new products and brands.

Santa Margherita store is quite well-known in Tirana to someone that likes to have a good wine, a fine and precious chocolate, special whiskeys made from artisanal houses in Scotland, the best panettone brought from Italy and the most famous glasses for wines and spirits made in Germany. Santa margherita is made out of passion, therefore good and personalized customer service is always in mind.

The products have a dignified packaging and are stored in a proper warehouse, under standardized conditions.  

The company started to distribute wines into bars, restaurants and to modern retailers in 2014, as part of the activity of SIGI SHPK. For about four years the wine business was acting as a division of SIGI SHPK until the activity grew enough and a separate company was founded: WORLDWINE SHPK